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Sourcing Your Own Car Parts

Posted on | June 5, 2012 | Comments Off

Sourcing Your Own Car Parts

If you’re handy with a spanner then you may be one of the thousands of people who regularly repair or service their car instead of paying costly garage repair bills. Doing your own service is relatively straight forward and when you’ve done it once, you’ll begrudge paying the garage to do such a simple set of tasks again in the future. Also, once you start tinkering, you’ll become more aware under the bonnet and should a fault or just a clunk arise, you’ll probably have a good idea what the problem is.


Identifying a problem is one thing, rectifying it is another. This is where the trusty Haynes manual comes in handy as it will explain how to remove, repair and replace  almost every part of your car. If you can follow a recipe book, you can follow a Haynes guide as they’re just as simple. Sourcing replacement car parts can be tricky as reconditioned parts aren’t always available when you need them and brand new parts can be expensive, especially when bought through an authorised dealer, but things have just got easier.


Finding car spares on the internet is easy if you know where too look.

There are a handful of websites which consolidate the databases of car breakers up and down the country and these are perfect for finding second hand model specific car parts. On some websites all you have you do is list the parts you’re looking for, along with your contact details and they’ll get in touch once they’ve found the car spares you need. Make sure you look for hidden extras such as postage and packing, which could be quite expensive as plenty of car parts are also heavy. If possible it’ll be far cheaper to collect in person.


Sourcing your own car spares is not only for those who have the tools and knack to undertake all their own car repairs, as it is sometimes possible to get your own parts cheaper than a garage may offer. If they quote you X amount for replacement ignition control unit and it sounds a little on the high side, ask them if they’d fit a unit which you’ve provided instead. Of course it would be your responsibility to make sure you are providing the correct part for your car, and some parts do vary from year to year. So double and triple check the make, model, year and part number before ordering as mistakes and returns can leave you out of pocket.



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