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Parts, Parts For All Cars

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Parts, Parts For All Cars
What are the best way to buy parts? A dealer is always an option, they have everything for every year and even the right color it that matters. I have a Toyota Corolla and decided I wanted a spoiler, I contacted the dealer, ordered a spoiler in silver and had it mounted on my car. Easy. You can order just about anything from a dealer, and if they don’t have it in stock, they can get it pretty quickly. The second place to get parts from is a wrecking yard or after market supply source. If you have the time and inclination, a wrecking yard can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Our daughter got into a fender bender with the president of a local business who was pretty renown in our neck of the woods. We were pretty embarrassed. Our deductible was 0. and this was our daughters second accident in a short period of time so we couldn’t claim it on our insurance. A new bumper was 0 dollars, we found a almost new bumper at a wrecking yard which had been hit on the opposite end of the car. We called the gentleman she hit and explained the situation letting him know that she was paying for the part and asked if he minded if we used a used part that looked like new. He had no problem at all with the proposal. A week later my husband and daughter went to his house and put the bumper on his Suburban. He even stood around joking and talking with them while they worked. We have had other experiences with other drivers not quite as pleasant. But this time, compromise was in the works and everyone came out happy with the results. Our son got in a accident once and the lady tried to use it as an excuse to fix everything wrong with her car!

Another way to buy parts is online, some people figure piecing their cars are more cost effective than selling them when they get to a certain age. There are lots of car parts available online if you have a little mechanic in you or a good buddy.

All our cars need parts sooner or later, either for the engine or for the body, do your homework, call a dealer, a wrecking yard, after market or look online for the best price of for the most convenient fix, whatever your situation may be.

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